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WineUniWineUni helps you to prepare for your wine exams, be it WSET (from Level 2 to Diploma) or any sommelier exam.

WineUni is comprised of over 2900 questions on 3 different levels, up to WSET Diploma level!
You will be challenged on your knowledge of wine regions, grape varieties, winemaking techniques, producers and much, much more.

3 levels:
– Beginner: containing questions you may find in your WSET Level 2 exam
– Intermediate: containing questions you may find in your WSET Level 3 exam
– Expert: containing questions you may find in your WSET Diploma exam

The questions were prepared by a WSET Diploma graduate (passed with Merit) and are based on knowledge from the well known books such as "The Oxford Companion of Wine", "Wine Grapes" just to name a few, with many more.

Enjoy the app and good luck with your exam!

The questions include the following subjects:
– Viticulture & Vinification
– Europe: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Gorgia, England, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey
– USA and Canada
– South America: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil
– Australia and New Zealand
– Spirts
– Fortified wines
– Sparkling wines
– Wine service and food pairing
– Grapes

Some sample questions (from all the levels):
– What is the climate of Bordeaux?
– What oak is used traditionally to produce Barolo wine?
– Which region in Australia is knows for its red solis?
– What is Tannat?
– What does double guyot refer to?
– What kind of wine are passito wines?
– Which city is the heart of the Mosel region?
– What white grape variety is popular in Austria?
– What grape varieties are used to produce Soave Classico?
– How is Tempranillo called in Portugal?
– How old does Madeira Reserve need to be?
– Which country is Mendoza region located in?
– Which spirit uses the term London Dry?
– What is the minimal oak aging time for Vin Santo wines?
– How is Mourvèdre called in Australia?
– Where is Central Otago located?
– Where is Savatiano commonly grown?
– Where is Raki spirit produced?
– Which is the best way to control Eutypa lata fungus from spreading?
…and many many more!


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