a-Shell for iOS ダウンロード

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a-Shella-Shell is a complete terminal emulator, allowing to run most Unix commands locally, on you iOS device. You can transfer files using scp and curl, edit them with vim and ed, process them using grep, awk and sed.

a-Shell includes Python, Lua, JavaScript, C, C++ for programming and TeX (texlive 2019, including LuaTeX) for text processing.

There are also multiple network utilities: nslookup, ping, whois, ifconfig… Type help for help, help -l to get the full list of commands.

a-Shell can be controlled from Shortcuts: run commands in order, process files in a-Shell, get the results as text or files, transfer files to other apps…

a-shell uses iOS 13 “multiple windows” ability, so you can run multiple shells at the same time, with different commands, in different directories. You can edit a file in one window with vim and process it in the other with python.

Compile your C or C++ programs to webAssembly using clang or clang++, and execute the resulting binary with "wasm programName". A complete webAssembly SDK is included.

Depending on your point of view, a-Shell is either the first shell on iOS with Vim included, or the first Vim on iOS with the ability to launch jobs.


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