Omega DB Security Reporter

Omega DB Security Reporter

  • APP : Omega DB Security Reporter 2.3.0
  • ライセンス : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • 開発者 : DATAPLUS

ダウンロード Omega DB Security Reporter

Omega DB Security Reporter

Omega DB Security ReporterOmega DB Security Reporter is a security auditing and software-only solution for Oracle databases.

It implements quick reporting, visualization and documentation of the security posture of your Oracle database on the following security areas of top importance:

System Privileges
Object Privileges
Role Privileges
System Privileges
User Statements
Object Privileges and Statements
User Password Profile Resources
Initialization Parameters (security related)

Omega DB Security Reporter provides detailed, integrated, categorized and evaluated results on the important issues above, thus relieving the security personnel from the big technical burden of this complex task.

The inter-relations of Oracle security are presented to the user in flexible application forms, where the assessed security items are visualized by user-friendly data-aware components.

Reports Comparison of type Target vs Baseline pushes for cutting-edge Change Management of the assessed Database security configuration items.

Omega DB Security Reporter can be virtually used by any organization that uses an Oracle database and it is looking to implement and/or strengthen its security following best compliance standards, industry practices and internal security controls.

Base Features:

Multiple Databases
Rich and intuitive GUI
Easy and simple operation
Quick and minimal setup; no third-parties
Agentless and read-only DB access
Report Exporting in Pdf/Xls/Rtf/Txt/Htm
Fully standalone
Unicode character set support

Advanced Features:

In-depth assessment of Oracle Database security combining:
Account Status
Audit (Traditional) syntax support
Public privilege highlights
Effective privilege (by role hierarchy)
Account based evaluation (roles as optional)
Report Comparison – Target vs. Baseline
Overall (unified) Security Reporting
Run-ready templates
Overall Report Analytics


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