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VAG Virtual Cockpit

VAG Virtual CockpitThe virtual cockpit in a convenient form displays the readings of several important parameters of the car, including those that are not available on the regular dashboard of the basic equipment.

Version 2.3 displays the following parameters.
Virtual cockpit:
1) Which door is open
2) Speed
3) RPM
4) Oil temperature
5) Coolant temperature
6) Fuel in the tank in litres
7) Range in kilometers
8) Average consumption
9) Time in the machine
10) Odometer
11) Outside temperature

Engine blocks:
1) RPM
2) Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)
3) Intake Air Temperature (G42)
4) Exhaust Temperature Projection
5) Oil Warning Threshold
6) Oil Level
7) Boost Specified
8) Boost Actual
9) Misfire Counter
10) Ignition Angle Delay

Transmission blocks:
1) ATF Temperature (G93) – AISIN
2) Temperature Transmission Fluid (G93) – DSG6
3) Temperature Control Module (G510) – DSG6
4) Temperature Clutch Oil (G509) – DSG6
5) Temperature Control Device (G510) – DSG7
6) Temperature Microprocessor – DSG7
7) Clutch Temperature – DSG7

Long hold of the TRIP switch changes the view style of the parameters. Buttons on the steering wheel in version 1.0 are not supported.

Required ELM327 Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. Tested Chinese cheap Wi-Fi adapters version 1.5 and Bluetooth 4.0:
– Viecar
– Konnwei

Supported cars:
– Skoda Octavia A5

The application has been tested with Skoda Octavia A5 2011 release.
Maybe partially or fully supported by other auto brands of the VAG group:

In a future version will be added support for Skoda Octavia A7.

If the parameters are not displayed correctly or not completely, please write in the comments which car you have and attach a screenshot.
What other parameters do you want to see?


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