The Land of Chai

The Land of Chai

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The Land of Chai

The Land of ChaiAlso try Land of Chai 2! New features include a level editor, checkpoints, and other chais for you to rescue.

The Land of Chai is an incredibly difficult platformer style game about cats. Travel through the game's numerous challenging levels as Luke, a Chai (cat) that seeks to liberate the Land of Chai from Fatso's corrupt reign. Seems easy at first, but the difficulty quickly increases. Can you lead Luke to victory and save the Land of Chai?

You have unlimited tries to pass each individual level, but beware the evil Death Gates – die too many times in an area and you get sent back to the first level! >:)


140 challenging levels (20 free!) to keep you entertained for many hours
7 different game modes (1 free!)
7 unique types of background music
Epic boss battle and storyline
Simple controls that are easy to learn
Game Center leaderboards and achievements

Although most of this game will seem impossible, every level has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it is beatable.

Compatible with iPhone 4s and above and iPod Touch 5th Generation and above.
Older devices may have lag issues.