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Tarot Journal

Tarot Journal78 card images with keywords gives you the ability to input your own keywords for reference and study.

Easy to use Tarot tool for seasoned Tarot readers.

Log all the information after Tarot reading with querent, quick and easy to email PDF or HTML of your reading.

Choice of a selection of built in spreads and notes for customer to keep.

Create your own spreads and edit the meanings of each card in the spreads.

Search for readings by card name, keywords, questions or your notes for the reading.

Edit keywords for each card, upright and reversed

Daily Journal great for seasoned professional readers or people new to the tarot to create personal daily tarot journal. Choice of one card or 5 card daily reading.

Choice of using reversed cards.

"Learn Keywords" lets you run tests to pick cards given a list of keywords to improve your learning of what cards mean.

On iOS 13.4 devices you can add Shortcuts for Siri – you will need to activate the Shortcuts in the Settings view of the Tarot Journal app and you can then ask Siri (even when app is not open) to:

1. Deal a random Tarot Card – ask "Deal Tarot Card"
2. Find Tarot Cards by keyword or name – ask "Find Tarot Card" then when requested give the card name or keyword
3. Start a new Reading – ask "New Tarot Reading"

You have some control over editing how the Readings appear in PDF/HTML when sharing with your Querent.

Great way of keeping in touch with clients for return or future readings.


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