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Redbox Toolbox – ASO Analytics

Redbox Toolbox - ASO AnalyticsCreate, analyse and update your app’s metadata with Toolbox.

Developed by Redbox Mobile, an ASO company with 7+ years of experience improving the metadata for global brands, Toolbox is the perfect app for iOS developers. It contains everything in one place for you to create, test and analyse an app’s metadata and perform actions to improve the performance in the app marketplace.

Available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS, Toolbox is completely FREE to download and use.

Key Features


– App Overview: See how optimised your app is using our ASO Score metric, view your star rating and basic details about your app in one place.

– Competitors: Add competitors to your app that you’d like to compare metadata or rankings against.

– Metadata: View existing App Store metadata and any seeded / repeated keywords that it contains. Edit or export this directly.

– Rankings: View where your app ranks in multiple storefronts around the world on one screen.

– Creatives: View all creative assets for the app with the ability to download app icons or screenshots for all devices types.

– App Updates: See when an app was last updated, the version number and what changed in that version.

– Reviews: View recent reviews left by users for that app and the most common keywords.

– More Details: View additional information about an app such as its App ID, Developer Name & URL, whether it supports Apple Watch, Siri or Wallet and much more!


– Storefront Switcher (iOS Only): Switch App Store storefronts so that you can see if your app has been featured in another country or how it looks in search results for certain keywords.

– Blackbox Platform: Access the award winning Blackbox Platform to manage your Apple Search Ads campaigns through an automated 24/7 platform.

– New Metadata: Prototype metadata for an unreleased app on the App Store. Similarly, you can view repeated / seeded keywords and export metadata.

– Column & Comma: Convert values in a table (column) to those separated by commas. Perfect for adding keywords to App Store Connect, the Blackbox Platform or Apple Search Ads.

– Combination Generator: Generate all the combinations for a list of keywords so you can view long tail keywords that you could be ranking for.

– Budget Calculator: Perfect for Blackbox, the Budget Calculator allows you to calculate how much will be available to add to a campaign based on agency fee and, what you should set your monthly budget goal to based on how quickly you want to spend it.

– Proxy Calculator: Also perfect for Blackbox and managing Apple Search Ads campaigns, the Proxy Calculator enables you to calculate how much an event would cost based on a proxy value since many users have Limit Ad-Tracking (LAT) turned on and cannot have installs/events attributed to them.

– Currency Converter: Convert currencies between pounds, euros and dollars for dates up to a year ago.

– Percentage Calculator: Use 3 common percentage calculator tools for account reporting.


– iCloud Sync: Saved Apps, settings and the order of your Tools will automatically be kept in order across all of your iCloud connected devices.

– Apple Watch: Use the Toolbox app on your wrist to perform quick app lookups and metadata analysis. Available to install even without the iOS app.

– Multi-Window: On macOS, you can use Toolbox in multiple windows to compare apps or use multiple functions.

– Share Extension (iOS Only): Instantly open iOS apps from the App Store in Toolbox just by tapping the action button.

– Messages Extension (iOS Only): Send stickers to contacts using the Messages app.

– Dark Mode: If you have enabled Dark Mode on your device, Toolbox will switch to the Dark Mode version of the app.

– Catalyst: We went beyond the checkbox too – This app is an iOS app fully optimised for Mac.

Start optimising your apps today with the Toolbox app, completely for FREE!

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