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phpwin for Android ダウンロード


phpwinTurn your device into a web server with php support.

With phpwin, you can develop, debug and manage PHP files offline without an internet connection.

phpwin is a complete web server environment with PHP including POST/GET, sessions,openssl, libxml, curl, cookies…

App features:

– PHP 7.2.31 with most extensions (such as MySQL, SQLite, Curl, OpenSSL, SOAP, XSLT…)
– Custom URL rules
– Script editor
– Image editor
– Multi-tabbed script/image editor
– Composer 1.10.5
– File manager
– Set as standalone web application
– Remote file manager (access multiple accounts)
– FTP/SFTP/FTPS manager
– phpMyAdmin
– phpLiteAdmin
– Firebug Lite
– Profiler
– Syntax validator for PHP, HTML, JS & CSS
– PHP lessons
– "PHP: The Right Way" Book

Note: phpwin doesn't include MySQL server, only phpMyAdmin.

For more information & enquiries please contact me through phpwin's website


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