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Note 3D

Note 3DI was searching for an easy to use 3D sketchpad for iOS for a while, but I couldn't find anything. So, I made Note 3D.

It's just like drawing in the Notes app on your device, except that you also have access to the third dimension. You can move and orient the camera through familiar multi-touch gestures, or choose to move the camera physically, making use of augmented reality.

Any drawing made in this app can be sent to any one of your friends. They can modify your drawings and send them right back. But, it gets even better – any 3D content you place into the 3x3x3m grid (drawn, imported or downloaded) is accessible to any Note 3D user through the generated QR code every time you publish. Stick this QR code anywhere you like, the world's your oyster. Or, just enter the four word address that's generated into the app.

Note 3D is connected to Google Poly, so any model uploaded to that platform (provided it's OBJ format) can be viewed and drawn on in this app. FBX (Tiltbrush) support is coming real soon! In this way, it behaves like the warehouse on Sketchup. Note 3D is also connected to What 3 Words for accurate geolocation, so now, through this app, every one of their 3×3 squares is now a virtual cube!

Let me know what you all think of the app in the reviews, or Instagram (@note3d). Community suggestions are what keep this project going!

Stay creative.
May 2020


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