Judy Cook: Bread string

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Judy Cook: Bread string

Judy Cook: Bread string▶ Introduction to the game
"Chef Judy" is a free simulation cooking game that cooks delicacies and tempting desserts all over the world!
The game offers fifteen unique scene options, from dessert to fast-food restaurant, from oyster bar to Chinese restaurant, you can improve their cooking in different environments.

▶ Game Features
1. Choose from hundreds of culinary ingredients
2. Classic tableware to choose, cooking their own food
3. Carefully dress up your own unique restaurant
4. Make store custom food, keep the guests stomach
5. Personalized and authentic interactive experience
6. Upgrade your kitchen to make yourself a gourmet

Oh, right, forget to tell you! "Chef Judy" This game will be addictive, but oh!

▶ Contact us
If you like our game, please feel free to give us evaluation, message


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