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G4S The LinkThe Link is the newspaper for employees of all G4S businesses in the UK and Ireland.

The app version contains exactly the same content as the award-winning printed newspaper, published five times a year, but enhanced for use on iPads and iPhones.

G4S is the largest secure outsourcing company in the UK and Ireland, with a turnover of more than £1.7 billion and over 55,000 employees managed from over 100 offices.

Q – How can I download the The Link iPad edition?

A – You can download it through the app store. Once downloaded the app will be found on Newsstand. You will be notified every time an issue is published and can download from Newsstand by tapping on the front page icon.

Q – Is it available for iPhone?

A – Yes, you can access the same edition on iPhone.

Q – Can I access previous issues of The Link?
A – The Link May 2014 issue is the first to be made available on iPad. Each subsequent issue can be stored on your device. You can control the number of back issues you keep on your device in the settings menu.
It is also possible to browse for, and download, any issue of The Link previously published through the app.

Q – Can I access the app outside of the UK? 

A – Yes

Q – I am having trouble downloading my iPad edition of The Link, what should I do?

A – Ensure you are connected to wi-fi and that you have a strong signal. It may take longer to download if you are connected to the internet via 3G or 4G. If your wi-fi signal has been interrupted, you may need to go back into The Link app and tap the ‘download’ button again.

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