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Conversation Starters – ESL

Conversation Starters - ESLConversation Starters – Language Discussion ESL is an app that provides over 1200 questions to get conversations started. The questions are divided into 14 categories, including Travel, Jobs, Family, Talents/Hobbies and About You.

These questions help you practice a new language and get to know others better. The many categories of questions allow you to pick topics that are interesting to your particular group.

Practicing conversation is a great way to learn a language, and these questions provide hours and hours of interesting topics to discuss. They allow each member of the conversation group to practice both speaking and listening skills to improve their language ability.

You will always have new conversation topics with this convenient app.


– Over 1200 questions to stimulate conversation in groups of two or more.

– Allows you to practice both speaking and listening skills for the language you are learning.

– Allows you to ask questions you wouldn’t ordinarily think to ask.

– Find out more about people in a simple, non-threatening format.

– Easily store your favorites for quick referral.

– Fourteen categories of questions for any kind of group.

– Easy to read question format.


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