BOMO 2D for iOS ダウンロード

BOMO 2D for Android ダウンロード


BOMO 2DPick your favorite BOMO friends, unleash creativity and have your unique Emoji stickers.
BOMO 2D allows users to create their own interesting stickers using built-in templates. Being a part of the BOMO family, you can bring the BOMO friends created in BOMO 2D to BOMO Story.

• Choose from the colorful and sweet built-in 2D fruit stickers
• Add funny eyes, mouths, noses, and eyebrows
• Add captions on your sticker
• Draw on stickers with the brushes
• Add a colored background
• Take a picture and use it as the background
• Export JPG or PNG with transparent background
• Use your picture in BOMO Story and messenger apps
• No in-app-purchase!

Unique and interesting Emoji stickers made easy. Have fun and be creative with BOMO 2D.

It starts with stories. We are a group of people who love the local nature and culture. We choose mediums like animation, pop-up books, and illustrations to present stories about what we love. We hope you enjoy our works.

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