StarCode  Pro POS and Inventory Manager

StarCode Pro POS and Inventory Manager

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  • APP : StarCode Pro POS and Inventory Manager 20.0.0
  • ライセンス : Shareware
  • OS : Windows
  • 開発者 : InveGix

ダウンロード StarCode Pro POS and Inventory Manager

StarCode Pro POS and Inventory Manager

StarCode  Pro POS and Inventory ManagerBest POS and inventory management software for retail and other small businesses. If you are running a retail business, a pharmacy, restaurant, toy shop, grocery store, shoe shop, jewelry business, or a computer shop then StarCode POS has answer to all of your questions. Experience the high quality and ease of use. Even if you are a basic computer user, you will find using this software simple as ABC – because of its modern and intuitive user interface. StarCode POS has been design keeping in view the customer’s requirements and ease of use.

StarCode POS and Inventory Manager can be operated in Express or Network modes of operation. In Express mode, it does not require any additional database server installation of configuration. Immediately ready to use after installation. Software can be downloaded and installed under two minutes of time. All of your data is stored on your computer and can ported via USB or Google drives. Express mode is best suited if you want to use the software as a standalone application, and do not require multiple user logging on to the system simultaneously.

StarCode POS can also be switched to operate in Network mode. In Network mode all of your data is stored on a central database server. You would have to setup MySQL server for this purpose. In Network mode, you will be able to connect multiple computers running StarCode to one central database server.

StarCode is available in three variants – Lite, Plus, and Pro. StarCode Pro POS is meant for advanced user running small or large businesses. In Pro edition all the features of Lite and Plus editions are available. In addition to that more advanced features such as barcode designing and generation, multi user support, customers management, expense management, purchase management and user time log reports are available in Pro edition of StarCode.


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