XEDI for Mac

XEDI for Mac

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  • APP : XEDI for Mac 1.0
  • ライセンス : Shareware
  • OS : Mac
  • 開発者 : XEDI Ltd

ダウンロード XEDI for Mac

XEDI for Mac

XEDI for MacXEDI is an EDI system that meet the needs of every trading partner, worldwide. It integrates with the worlds most popular platforms as well as connecting directly into your existing systems through our OpenAPI technology. This efficient and highly secure EDI software allows you to communicate data to your partners immediately and without potential issues. XEDI provides seamless integration with your existing infrastructure to process large volumes of documents with speed and accuracy.


Connect to any partner and get notified as documents flow in. Forward orders to your logistics provider and process shipping documentation.
Orders are processed automatically, by looking up product information and conducting product code and pack size translation.
As documents progress through your Workflow, they integrate with other systems in real time to act as a coordinated process.
Scale up your business by meeting key customer needs. Visualize your data in different ways with customisable reports across multiple companies.
Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

Download XEDI now and see how it helps to increase flexibility, scalability and efficiency of your supply chains!


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