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Xpage – Prototyping Design for iOS ダウンロード

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Xpage – Prototyping Design

Xpage - Prototyping DesignCreate and show app prototype just on your mobile phone by Xpage.

Key Features
● Create & demonstrate app prototypes directly on iPhone/iPad.
● Data-driven and event driven instead of draw-driven.
● Real interaction with real world.
● Animate with objects beyond imaging.
● Customize native components, even create your own.
● Publish &. share.

● make your designs by easy drop and drag.
● portrait and landscape orientation pages
● built-in UI libraries include basic shapes, UI presets and predefined components. Need charts, tables, or collections on you prototyping? Take it. All of them are configurable, animatable and interactive.
● group/ungroup. Created your own components by combination.
● auto-alignment and auto-spacing.
● auto snap to objects, magnetic-lines, bounds, or shapes.
● layer list to play with elements, or their layer-hierarchies.
● re-use elements cross pages even projects.
● hundreds of icons and images in stock.
● duplicate pages cross projects.
● import images from album or camera.
● popular color palettes, remember your recent colors, customize color with color picker or hex value.
● linear gradient fill and radial gradient fill.

● Screen Transitions
○ add touches, gestures, shakings, timers, data-monitors, AV events, or other triggers for mobile prototyping.
○ create the flow of your app with screen transitions.
○ customize the start page for preview.
● Animation
○ animate with moving, rotating, morphing, colorizing and fading.
○ animation curve.
○ integrated with events.
● Event-Driven
○ page events and actions.
○ stateful object event.
○ linkage for each item of tabBar, event-driven QR-code recognizers and switches, etc.
● Data-Driven:
○ flexible data binding.
○ input, scan or calculate real data in real world.
○ display, modify or clean the value in variable.
○ make a phone call by the numbers in the buffer.
○ visit the URL from QR-code.
● Data-Driven TableViews and CollectionViews:
○ table views are data-driving, so do collection views.
○ multi-sections support.
○ design styles for each section, then provide data.
○ work with real world data by user’s own Web-Service API.
● interactive native UI assets.
○ play back musics, sounds, videos.
○ interact with layers.
○ interact with action-sheets or alerts.
○ interact with albums, camera, map and location.
○ visit WEB site.

● Add prototype to Home Screen !!
● preview designs in a variety of screen sizes.
● backup & sync between devices via iCloud.
● share via e-mail.
● publish to community, share to everyone.

Features in Pro version:
$ landscape orientation pages
$ unlimited projects and pages
$ clone pages
$ share & backup/restore
$ paste from clipboard
$ premium components
$ manage materials


Xpage is a free-to-try app with In-App-Purchase because I want to ensure the continued development and support of a product we and others enjoy so much.

Thanks to everyone who sent in feedback for Xpage and have helped shape the future direction of new features and improvements. If you have any comments about Xpage, please feel free to let us know. We will reply every feedback email.

If you enjoy using Xpage, we would really appreciate if you could take a moment to leave a review in the App Store. Thank you.


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