Volcano Retro (Full)

Volcano Retro (Full)

Volcano Retro (Full) for iOS ダウンロード

Volcano Retro (Full) for Android ダウンロード

Volcano Retro (Full)

Volcano Retro (Full)Volcano Dodge Retro is a 1980s style.
Those games were characterized by

1. Liquid Crystal Display(LCD)
2. Retro sounds which become hypnotic as one goes up the levels
3. Basic graphics
4. Drawings on screens for the background
5. and the most basic animation

Chose from 3 modes

Mode 1: Dodge volcanic rocks
Mode 2: Dodge rocks and fire
Mode 3: Dodge rocks and fire and use the tunnel to help you

Achieve Bonus scores and lives on reaching certain target scores

A Statistics screen will keep track of your score, High scores and objects dodged and tunnels taken on a per mode basis.