Squadcast Incident management

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Squadcast Incident management

Squadcast Incident managementSquadcast is incident management for tech teams. By intelligently routing alerts to the right folks, and being the platform of record for incident orchestration and resolution, Squadcast enables high-velocity organizations to minimize downtime and deliver outstanding customer experiences 24x7x365. Squadcast connects all relevant stakeholders of an organization ranging from IT, NOC, engineering, customer support, and business leaders into one platform that enables transparency during critical incidents, and reduces mean-time to resolve incidents.

Squadcast for iOS offers the following features:

Respond from Mobile – Acknowledge and Resolve incidents on-call, and add response notes from mobile.

Incident Timeline – Follow the incident timeline and lookup incident metadata.

Real-time Collaboration – Squadcast now brings all relevant folks related to an incident into the incident war room.

Notification Rules – View and modify notification rules for your account from the app. Personalize it to suit your response patterns.

Multiple Organizations – Manage incidents across multiple organizations that you are a part of.

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