SpiroDoodle for iOS ダウンロード

SpiroDoodle for Android ダウンロード


SpiroDoodleMake Mandalas. Create limitless designs. Unleash your creativity.

A cross between the old spirograph and finger painting.

Take a look at the example images to see what kinds of great designs you can make.

Make symmetrical patterns with just a swipe of your finger across the screen.

This addictive application will captivate you for hours while you explore new ways to make fun designs.

Also a great way to explore ideas for logos or tattoos.

Very easy to use.

Detailed instructions are included in the application's help section and at www.spirodoodle.com/instructions.

You can save your doodle to your photo library.

From the photo library you can email it to friends and set it as the iPhone background.

Keep your children entertained for hours.

Start up your iPod music and then open SpiroDoodle. You can continue listening while you create.

See what SpiroDoodlers have to say:
I love this app it's great.
5 star app!
Great distraction app for my kids.
It is so addicting.
My boss played it all day.
Excellent Application.
This was way easy to use.
Rock solid.


– choose from 1 to 36 lines to draw radially around the screen.
– select from millions of colors or let the colors come randomly.
– save your creations and share them with friends on social media or use as backgrounds.
– a special mirror effect that makes each stroke you do symmetrical, much like a kaleidoscope.
– fill areas with the selected color, or random colors.
– draw with different line widths.


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