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Spanish 21

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Spanish 21

Spanish 21Spanish 21 is an exciting change of pace of the Blackjack game. The games is one of the best bets in a casino with a low house edge. The biggest difference between Spanish 21 and Blackjack is that Spanish 21 uses a 48 card Spanish decks. This is the same as the standard 52 card decks, with the 4 ten-spot cards removed. While doing this bends the odds in the house favor, Spanish 21 more than makes up the difference with its liberal rules.

The liberal Spanish 21 rules allows up to 4 hand splits, multiple double downs and automatic player wins on 21s and Blackjacks to name a few. This leads to expanded options and strategies that can be played as the cards are being dealt.

The iPhone version of Spanish 21 uses the capabilities of the iPhone to provide the most interactive card game on the iPhone. While most card games are an excursive in button pushing, in Spanish 21 cards are split my moving cards on the table. Chips can be moved and hits are initiated by tapping on the card stack to hit. This makes the card play closer to the casino experience.

Purchase Spanish 21 and learn the new and exciting card game that makes Backjack seem stale.