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Spacetracker PRO

Spacetracker PROSpacetracker displays ISS and satellites in realtime in a virtual 3D globe on your iPad or iPhone. Computes intervals of time when satellites are passing over your position and also when you will be able to see them during night conditions. Also now displays NASA Live TV channels dedicated to ISS. You will be able to tweet your experience with Spacetracker.
Select satellites of your choice with the PRO version, the database is daily updated. You will discover when satellites overfilght your current position and also when they will be fully visible during night. Have a try with the International Space Station (ISS). No chance to miss it in the sky, this is the third more brilliant object in the sky.

Spacetracker also displays weather forecast information for your current position and World wide imageries for clouds, rain, snow, thunderstorm, temprature, wind elaborated with 3hr period forecast data

Some youtube videos to discover howto use spacetracker

Stay tuned. More to come… Next version will compute Iridium flares events


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