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Shwopping App

Shwopping App=== Now with a completely redesigned user interface! ===
· Multiple shopping lists
· Universal app: now supports iPad in full resolution
· Streamlined user flow

=== Shwopping Core Features ===

** Simplified data input **
· Type or dictate to quickly record items for your next shopping trip
· To use dictation, just tap the microphone icon on your keyboard
· Speak 'chocolate and apples and cookies' and tap ‘Return' -> the app creates three items

** Apple Watch integration **
· Allows you to tick off items while you are shopping
· Add items with dictation: say 'chocolate and apples and oranges’ to create multiple items
· Use Complications to see the open items on the watch face

** Import content from clipboard with smart pasting from recipe websites **
· Create shopping lists based on list of ingredients
· Copy items from your favourite recipe website into the clipboard
· Import items next time you launch the Shwopping app
· Shwopping formats the ingredients automatically into multiple items

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