ServerCat – Linux Status & SSH

ServerCat – Linux Status & SSH for iOS ダウンロード

ServerCat – Linux Status & SSH for Android ダウンロード

ServerCat – Linux Status & SSH

ServerCat - Linux Status & SSHServerCat is a Linux monitor and Docker Management & SSH Terminal app.

ServerCat makes it easy to monitor your server status on your mobile. It shows detail running status of your linux servers and docker containers.

It only needs an SSH account without any other dependencies. It will not install any tools to your system.

ServerCat is made using SwiftUI, so iOS 13.2+ is required.

# Free Features
Monitor detail status of your server including:
* CPU usage per-core
* GPU usage and running process
* Memory usage
* Network traffic/speed and TCP stats
* Docker containers and stats
* Disk blocks and IO per second

# Premium Features
* SSH Shell Terminal
* Sync data across all your iOS devices
* Create and Manage containers

# Supported Linux Distro:
Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Amazon Linux Image, Alpine, Raspbian, OpenWrt and more

# Security:
All SSH credentials are AES-encrypted and saved locally. The Cloud Sync uses iCloud to sync AES-encrypted data securely and nobody can inspect your data in the cloud.


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