Servediter for code-server

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Servediter for code-server

Servediter for code-serverServediter gives you access to an instance of code-server, an online code editor without any setup required. Using a self hosted server is also possible without paying a subscription.

You can upload local files and download them back after editing. As the editor is online, you can run Linux commands from the VS Code terminal. You can also personalize the editor and install extensions. Previewing HTML files in app is also possible with a subscription.

( ! ) The app requires an internet connection to work
( ! ) An external keyboard is recommended to use the app since selection with the touch cursor is not supported
( ! ) The subscription provides an instance of code-server, which works well for editing files. But this isn't a full server with root access. Running and testing full projects would be better on a self hosted server.

This application is developed and maintained just by me (Adrian Labbé) and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation.

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