Secure ShellFish – SFTP client

Secure ShellFish – SFTP client for iOS ダウンロード

Secure ShellFish – SFTP client for Android ダウンロード

Secure ShellFish – SFTP client

Secure ShellFish - SFTP clientSecure ShellFish is a SSH and SFTP file manager that works well with other apps.

Setup new servers inside Secure ShellFish itself and access files on these servers in the Files app and other apps supporting the document browser or document picker. Applications that can open files or directories in-place such as Textastic, iA Writer, Pythonista, Ulysses and many more can work directly on your server.

Files are downloaded on demand and uploaded when there are changes. In case of networking errors the uploads will be attempted later when you get back online.

Secure ShellFish is a premium app that is free to evaluate. You will be able to configure servers, browse folders and download files but to upload or change existing files on your server the pro unlock is needed. This pro unlock is a single permanent in-app purchase.

Once the app is unlocked you can configure directories to be available for offline access. The app will download beforehand and keep the local and remote copy in sync.

Both your iPhone and iPad will get SFTP capabilities. Unlock is shared with other devices logged into the same App Store account and server configurations are shared between devices if you have iCloud keychain enabled.

Access files on your Mac by enabling "Remote Access" inside Sharing preferences. If you local network supports Bonjour the Mac appears automatically making first connect easy.

Secure ShellFish has extensive automation support and almost all operations can be used from the Shortcuts app.

The app works with Synology and other NAS solutions for fast file access at home or the office even when Internet is lacking.


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