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SB GallerySERIOUS BUSINESS is a gallery that exists in the form of a Smartphone app. The gallery does not depend on the interests Of private investors. This factor gives artists, performers, writers, And curators the freedom to explore their creativity in a space Beyond the physical world, under their terms. People who visit Serious business will experience art in a way that the traditional White cube and their adherents reject.

Art is a very particular industry; in most cases, private financial Gains outweigh any possible cultural benefit to the public. You need lots of money to have an art space in any major city. For emerging galleries that depend on financial rewards for their Exhibitions, there is a back and forth struggle between making Money and producing worthwhile cultural conversations. These Decisions determine the artists, the spectators, and the buyers. Thus, SERIOUS BUSINESS would not have been viable in this Industry or exist in any irl location. Our intent is not to profit or Gentrify any neighborhoods. As such, the gallery is a substitute For those art spaces that are exclusive.


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