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Raw Attraction MagazineRaw Attraction Magazine Is The Leading Magazine For Both Men & Women In The Apple Newsstand!

Raw Attraction Magazine is the fresh new look at sex, dating and relationships between men and women. We are a more heterosexual focused magazine but we also included writers of other persuasions to get a balanced perspective for all!

If you are genuinely interested in becoming irresistible to your lover (or future lover) then Raw Attraction Magazine is for you.

Raw Attraction Magazine is your personal guide to…

+ Having the best sex life, ever! (Who wouldn’t want that?)

+ Understanding what attraction really is!

+ Embracing your sexuality

+ Increasing your emotional mastery

+ Learning how to practice tantra

+ Learning new positions for better sex potential.

+ Experiencing the full spectrum of pleasure.

+ Learning how to use your mind, body & soul to discover types of pleasure you’ve never imagined

+ Embracing your inner fetish and kinks

+ Learning how to flirt inside a long term relationship to keep sexual energy alive.

+ Bettering your dating life, if you are single

Raw Attraction Magazine brings you the world's best sex & relationship experts from all over the globe.

Five Star Review: "This is the best magazine ever. You can't read this magazine and love the same old way. This magazine helped me to look deeper, want better in my love life and I am so grateful to Raw Attraction." By Socagirl47

Five Star Review: "Amazing. I received a subscription as a present and never fail to renew it. Each month varies and caters to such a wide variety of relationship status and interests. I've discovered so much personally and gained knowledge on several topics that were once just a slight interest. I highly recommend this magazine to all my friends!" By Lynse Ujinski USA

Five Star Review: "Thank you! Finally! A publication that is candid and tastefully written on a subject that most humans cannot candidly open up on and talk about…their own sexuality. Thank you for taking this "taboo" subject and making it comfortable to read about. Hopefully, it will start to help people open up more when it comes to the raw subject of human sexuality." By Julie Tierney

Five Star Review: "Priceless magazine I came across this magazine all by chance, I have never heard of it before.. I was completely taken away with the way of how they pulled this content all together in one place… Priceless, impeccable & simply, AMAZING!! By Moe Tah

Feel the intense joy of being in bed with your lover and relishing in delight in what you just created with them. This is what Raw Attraction Magazine can do for you.

We'll make it super easy to understand the opposite sex – You didn’t think it was possible, did you?

Raw Attraction is more than tips and advice. Through our articles, interviews and videos, you will gain a brand new understanding of human dynamics.

We promise to change the way you think about dating, sex and relationships and your love life will never be the same again.

Raw Attraction Magazine is the leading transformational magazine that guides you to a healthy love & sex life! Raw Attraction explores conscious sexuality, higher states of love, and explores relationships in a more meaningful way!

Free issues available with back issues available for a small fee.

With love, hugs, and kisses 😉

The Raw Attraction Magazine Team

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