Pixel Art. Pixel draw!

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Pixel Art. Pixel draw!

Pixel Art. Pixel draw!If you like pixel graphics, then Pixel Art is a great application for drawing your characters, game level maps and much more using pixels – It’s all up to your imagination.

In the menu you can send feedback or tell us why you use the application directly or share what you think about it on the AppStore to help other users make a choice.

– Custom canvas size from 4×4 to 300×300 pixels;
– Color picker with color circle, HEX and RGB input;
– Export image with or without a pixel grid;
– Export image with transparent or opaque background.

– Pencil;
– Eraser;
– Filler;
– Eyedropper.

To see a list of image actions do long press on the selected image on Gallery screen.

Please, share only your feedback on the AppStore, if you have any difficulties or issues using the application or you want to request additional features send us a message to [email protected]

Thank you.


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