Picross – Nonogram Puzzles

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Picross – Nonogram Puzzles

Picross - Nonogram PuzzlesSolve the puzzles with simple rules to reveal the pictures in Nonnogram! Various difficulty levels are provided to train your brain!

How to play:
• Color the squares according to the numbers lined up in both directions
• The number shows how many squares should be filled in each row and column
• The numbers are read from top-to-bottom and left-to-right
• Mark some squares with an X to Simplify your game
• All painted squares end up as a beautiful picture.

• Select the difficulty level that is best for you
• Multiple unique images are waiting to be revealed
• Designed to be easily used with just one hand
• Smooth gameplay experience
• Save the progress so you can play it anytime
• Extra lives prevents your challenge from being interrupted

Take the challenge and have fun NOW!


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