Mumbhai for iOS ダウンロード

Mumbhai for Android ダウンロード


MumbhaiBring out your inner Bhai!
Add swag to your conversations with Mumbhai Stickers for WhatsApp and iMessage.

Sticker are based on mumbaiya culture and inspirations from everyday life in mumbai

Using Stickers on iMessage:
1. Install the App
2. Navigate to iMessages, and open up a conversation.
3. If you don't see iMessage Apps -Tap on the "A" icon to the right of the Camera icon
4. When you see your existing iMessage Apps, scroll to the right to right to find MumbhaiStickers

Using the Stickers on WhatApp:
1. Install the App and open it
2.Tap the Add to Whatsapp Button
3. Tap "OK" to add the stickers to WhatsApp
4. In WhatApp, open a chat conversation. Tap on the smiley face, then Tap on the sticker icon at the bottom to see and use Mumbhai Stickers

Hope you enjoy this sticker pack


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