Mixmstr - DJ Game

Mixmstr – DJ Game

Mixmstr – DJ Game for iOS ダウンロード

Mixmstr – DJ Game for Android ダウンロード

Mixmstr – DJ Game

Mixmstr - DJ Game“MIXMSTR is a little bit of fun that can be had by anoyone interested in DJ culture.” – DJ Mag

Play gigs! Buy records! Fill the dance floor & become a Superstar DJ in MIXMSTR!

Take your DJ career from small nightclubs to headline huge rave events and play with real music from favorite musicians in Mixmaster, the ultimate DJ game. Mixmstr is a DJing game creatively combining rhythm game and collectible card games.

Play the right songs at the right time and build your record bag carefully to please the crowd! Upgrade your existing records and get new ones from the in-game record store updated on regular basis with best music from EDM to Techno. Beat your previous scores on nightclub events to collect cash and fame points to take you perform for bigger stages and dancefloors – finally becoming a superstar DJ hero of the night life in the best new music game!


– Tap to beat to mix records like a mixmaster!
– Various record types for different nightclub crowds!
– Buy new records including EDM, Techno and House music
– Real music from real artists!
– Upgrade existing records to make them better!
– Unlock new & bigger nightclubs with FAME!
– Arrange your record bags in home!