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Maxwell SwiftUI SDK

Maxwell SwiftUI SDKMaxwell is like Material Design or Bootstrap for the SwiftUI revolution. Software Makers waste more than half of development time due to design hand-off iteration. Recreating apps from images and mockups is not accurate, hard to refactor, and scale.

Designers can Code!⁠ —LUX is a compositional, natural language extension that makes it easy to learn SwiftUI by removing the need to deal with numbers, allowing to define visually rich, deep, and flexible interfaces with just 5 keywords: lux, trait, tweak, style, feature.

Developers can Design! ⁠—All this power is unleashed through Maxwell, a first of its kind "meta app" enabled to change skin and layout in realtime. This is the perfect demo for the framework and also the best learning resource as the source code is accessible within the app.
Maxwell LUX is the first Universal Design System for iOS and macOS. Speed your workflow for SwiftUI 10x juts like Material Design or Bootstrap do for the web!

• Install for free and Learn to create UI Design systems in minutes with MAXWELL
• Purchase the codebase within the APP and learn how to create a Universal iOS + macOS app
• Create your own apps, import the LUX framework from Github, and configure your launch code to use any of your MAXWELL LUX (Looks) !

The best way to learn and teach SwiftUI while creating original UI Design Systems! ⁠—You can purchase the source code and learn how to implement using the new Apple Reactive architecture from dozens of great features like:

– Login With Apple
– Firebase Integration
– In-App Purchases
– Push Notifications
– Light/ Dark Mode Switching
– Data Storage and more!

• Experiment with thousands of combinations per minute
• Create dozens of perfectly branded looks
• Store unlimited Looks through the Files app.
• From the Wizard, sign with Adobe to access all of your Kuler Color Palettes!

• Purchase the Source code and learn from a production app
• 100% SwiftUI+Combine for all components: Scene, Home, Editor, Store, Browsers, All!
• iOS 13 architecture featuring Sign In with Apple, Push Notifications, and Universal Deeplink.
• High-End code designed by former inVision engineers and Developers featured at WWDC.

• Enable realtime Tuning to stream your look from your Development Mac to one or many iPhone, iPads and Macs running your LUX powered app—All locally over WiFi/Bluetooth

Easily share your designs as unique QR codes!

Our apps are available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac starting from iOS 13.1 and macOS 10.15 and with Xcode Canvas any web designer can easily learn to build UI interfaces with SwiftUI + Maxwell LUX

**Note: in-app purchases on the App Store are only available to use on the Maxwell app for iOS.

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