Marta Heroes Highway

Marta Heroes Highway

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Marta Heroes Highway

Marta Heroes HighwayDiscover a game serving as a counterpart to Marta’s new hit single! Listen to the music while you traverse the aerial highway in a car or as the singer herself!

▶ MUSIC-FUELED GAMEPLAY: Discover the new hit single as you play!
▶ MULTIPLE CARS TO PILOT: Fly in one of them or even as Marta herself
▶ COLLECT COINS AND POWER UPS: Can you beat your high score?
▶ EVER-CHANGING SKIES: Discover new environments as you fly
▶ ENDLESS FUN: How for can you get?

Get ready to take flight! Man’s greatest dream of rising up in the air and flying is now a reality. And if it’s a flying car you’re driving, it gets even better! However, nothing beats the ultimate joy of making Marta herself fly away to the beat of her latest hit single!

Listen to “Not Heroes“ in the game’s background or got to the YT Channel and enjoy the video as well! Steer clear of the traffic on a highway in the skies, collect coins and power ups!

As you fly and dodge obstacles you will discover new areas that will let you see the music in a completely new light! They will also offer you their own unique challenges. Can you rise up to them?

Fly fast but carefully or you crash and your chances of competing the trials in perfect time will get lower. Speed is important, but so is precision and skillful handling of the car or maneuvering with Marta herself.