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Logo Maker: Logo CreatorLogo Maker: Logo Creator to Create Logos and Design Free is a free logo maker for entrepreneurs, businesses, freelancers and organizations to create professional-looking logos in a few steps. Get a free logo for your website, business cards or correspondence. Our user-friendly editor will help you create the perfect logo for your business, sports club, organization, brands, icons for your shops and website etc. in just a few steps. Simply select a template from a variety of options, edit your logo until you are completely satisfied, and download your logo free of charge.

Logo Maker: Logo Creator to Create Logos and Design Free is designed with ease of use in mind and hence can be used by both professional designers and people without prior design experience to create custom, creative and beautiful looking logos in a matter of minutes. Logo Generator has a great collection of in-built tools that let you create professional-looking logos.

Logo Maker: Logo Creator to Create Logos and Design Free is fast and easy to use an app with tons of Arts, Colors, Background & Textures. Logo Designer App comes with all professional photo editing tools to create a professional LOGO. All you need beside is an Idea to build your very own logo.

Logo Maker: Logo Creator to Create Logos and Design Free is also useful to create promotional posters, brochures, advertisements, offer announcements, cover photos, newsletters & other branding material for your office, shop, restaurant, or social sites.

Logo Maker: Logo Creator to Create Logos and Design Free also provides professional photo editing and text editing tools like 3D Rotate, Font, Flip, Color, Rotate, Curve, Resize and lots more that you'll need to create beautiful original logos.

Here Are Some Of the Our App Features:
8000+ Logo Options
Choose an awesome custom logo or readymade logo to make your brands or business logo

4000+ Readymade Logo
Choose a professional logo which designed by our professional designer to make your business logo in just a few Steps

2500+ Backgrounds
Choose stunning handpicked backgrounds to enhance the visual appeal of your logo design experience

Textures and Overlays
Logo design hasn't been so easy with textures and overlays. Apply 40+ different textures over your logo to personalize it

Add colors to your logo design for that extra design touch

Choose awesome fonts from the 250+ fonts and make a stunning logo

Typography fonts
Add unique typography fonts to your icons or stylize your brands with over 100+ different fonts

Transparent BG
Export logo transparent and with a background.

Image Picker
choose an image from the Photos and make it to stickers

Save and Share Logo
Save Logo in just one Tap and also share it with your social media from the app.

Create a Great Brand with the Unique Logo Design.
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