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Logo Maker: Create Designs

Logo Maker: Create DesignsDesign your own company logos, websites, services or products using predefined templates or from scratch thanks to the number one application for easily creating logos from your iPhone or iPad. Creating designs using illustrations, different fonts and icons has never been easier. Become a professional and artist by creating or editing your own logos and then use them in your social networks as watermarks, youtube channel or even as a brand for your business.

This application allows you to design from scratch your own logo using complete and easy to use tools, free of charge, just to place a predefined design as a powerpoint template and then place the letters that your brand, design the borders, choose the colors, add icons and a long etcetera. Once you have the final result, you can export it in a variety of formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP or even PSD. If you want, you can also send it and share it with your friends, family or even your boss through social networks, instant messaging and email. Logo Creator is an application that can be used by professional illustrators and designers as well as amateurs who want to start creating their own professional flyers, mockups, templates and logos in less than 1 minute.


You can easily create, design and edit your logos from your iPhone or iPad, and get professional results in minutes. This application will allow you, among other things, to create graphic illustrations in the purest canvas style by editing colors and fonts to obtain results like:

– Flyers in high quality 4K / Full HD / HD
– Mockups and Rendered Designs
– Corporate and business logos
– Banners and HD images for social networks

If you like to enjoy and create Art, now is the best time to do it in a simple and free way, because thanks to our application both adults and children will be able to illustrate and improve their creativity by designing the best logos with shapes, colors, lines, icons, templates, fonts, borders, shapes, etc.

Logo Maker Shop has a comfortable and intuitive interface, because you only have to start the application and choose between creating a new logo or editing an existing one.

If you decide to create a new logo from scratch, you can choose an image that suits your needs, whether it is a logo for a health, sport, fitness, bar, gastronomy, influence, drink, social network, sports team, etc. Once you have chosen the photograph or icon that you will use for your logo, you can add the name of your company by choosing from more than 15 different fonts, from the most basic, serious and formal to other more extrovert, comic and animated, so that there is room for all types of profiles. You can also choose the font color as well as the color and thickness of the borders that these letters will have. In addition and only if you want, you can add an extra icon by choosing the location and rotating the image to suit your taste.

This application is really light, can be downloaded from slow internet connections and barely takes up any space, so you can leave it installed on your device without any worries.

Let your imagination fly, create and design logos adapted to your needs, free, without paying (unless you want the premium version to remove the advertising) and quickly. In less than a minute you can have the logo you always wanted on your mobile phone. Say goodbye to hiring expensive illustrators and designers.


Finally, we would like to emphasize that our app is ideal for those people who want to create a logo for their business and contact cards in the purest keynote or powerpoint style. Enjoy hundreds of GFX resources and create your flyers, banners, contact cards, presentations and invitation cards easily and for free.


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