Kuber – Kubernetes Dashboard

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Kuber – Kubernetes Dashboard for iOS ダウンロード

Kuber – Kubernetes Dashboard for Android ダウンロード

Kuber – Kubernetes Dashboard

Kuber - Kubernetes DashboardKuber helps you manage Kubernetes clusters easily via your mobile device, making it possible to view the status of clusters and quickly fix issues from the comfort of your couch.

Kuber has many features (and there are more to come!):
1. View the status of almost any resources. e.g. Pods, Deployments, PVs, Jobs, CronJobs, Nodes, Config Maps, Docker containers and so on.
2. Scale deployments (Replica sets/Replication controllers) to accommodate short-term spikes in traffic.
3. Inspect logs of any containers in realtime!
4. Integrate with bash shell to exec commands inside the containers.
4. Edit labels & Annotations via the lovely interface.
5. View / Update almost any resources via YAML.
6. Support managing multiple clusters.
7. Invoke shell commands inside the container.
8. View top nodes & pods (requires metrics server).
9. Supported authentication methods: Certificate, Credentials, Token, AWS IAM Authenticator (EKS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and DigitalOcean.
10. Support Face ID / Touch ID.
11. Support dark mode.

Kuber works with Kubernetes >= 1.9 currently. Please talk to us if you want more features!


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