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JSBox – Learn to Code

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# What's JSBox?

JSBox is an Integrated Development Environment for JavaScript. You can learn to code JavaScript here, as we provide tons of utilities to enhance the development experience.

JSBox is amazing for both beginners and experienced engineers. Don't you wanna try it out?

Don't hesitate to create cool stuff—do it now!

# What can JSBox do?

Of course you can write JavaScript, but the most important thing is that you can create native iOS utilities, such as:

– Upload photos you have just taken to the server
– Create a widget to check bus information
– Schedule tasks by leveraging date-based or location-based notifications
– Design an extension for the Photos app to search photos directly
– Design your own widget and keyboard
– Make a real-time tool to query the exchange rate
– Collect your most important contacts and handle it on the widget

There are many possibilities; we believe you can create coolest stuff.

# What's in JSBox?

JSBox is not only a full-fledged environment for standard JavaScript, but also provides many utilities:

– A safe environment to run JavaScript natively with incredible performance
– A beautiful editor to write JavaScript, multiple themes, auto-completion, and snippets…
– Many advanced development tools: lint, prettier, diff viewer and database viewer…
– A desktop extension to write code extremely fast and comfortable
– Almost all the cool tech in iOS: Siri/Shortcuts, Today Widget, Action Extension, 3D Touch, Home Screen Shortcut…
– A lot of awesome examples for beginner

We are still working on it and will introduce cooler features in the future.

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# Contact us!

Please contact us in the following ways. Don't hesitate to report any issues. Thank you!

– [Community](https://en.jsboxbbs.com)
– [Email](mailto:[email protected])
– [Telegram](https://t.me/PinTG)
– [Twitter](https://twitter.com/cyanapps)
– [Weibo](https://weibo.com/0x00eeee)


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