Jayson for iOS ダウンロード

Jayson for Android ダウンロード


JaysonJayson is a simple yet powerful JSON viewer and editor with Siri Shortcuts, Share Sheet Actions and URL schemes.

Features include:

– Browse JSON files stored on your device.
– Toggle between viewing JSON in a table or as syntax highlighted text.
– Tabbed interface to quickly switch between files or different objects in a single file.
– Use multiple splits to easily compare JSON documents in a single file or across multiple files.
– Multiple windows on the iPad allows for even more options to browse and edit JSON documents.
– Parse text or the contents of a URL in your clipboard to JSON.
– Siri Shortcuts that parse JSON from a text or a link stored in your clipboard. The shortcuts can open the JSON in the app or preview it in an interactive notification.
– Share Sheet Actions for parsing JSON from plain text, loading JSON from a link and importing files as JSON.
– URL schemes for parsing a text, loading the contents of a link as JSON or parsing the contents of your clipboard.
– Choose a location on your device to store imported files.
– Highlight a key from a child of an array to quickly get an overview.
– Short videos that help you get started with the app.

Features that require the "Unlock Everything" in-app purchase:

– Switch between light and dark themes.
– Changing the visual appearance, including the app icon, accent color and type icons.
– Opening more than two tabs.


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