iHTTP Tracker -Network monitor

iHTTP Tracker -Network monitor for iOS ダウンロード

iHTTP Tracker -Network monitor for Android ダウンロード

iHTTP Tracker -Network monitor

iHTTP Tracker -Network monitorHTTP packet capturing tool, LAN devices can connect and capture packets, monitor network requests, analyze data.

It will create a VPN configuration. After the service is enabled, all HTTP traffic will be forwarded to the proxy through the local proxy to realize the network debugging function.

#Support blacklist and whitelist
#Support split screen browsing
#Common file resolution, source path can be copied
#View request information, request headers, and packets
#View response status codes, response headers, and packets
#Format highlighting of common files
#More flexible data filtering
#Support computers and other devices to access packet capturing records through browser
#Support rewriting rule sharing, importing and exporting
#CA certificate download, supporting HTTPS decryption
#Support IOS 11+


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