HTTPBot for iOS ダウンロード

HTTPBot for Android ダウンロード


HTTPBotHTTPBot is a powerful HTTP & REST client that allows you to make requests and inspect responses on the go.

With HTTPBot, you can
– Make requests and view responses from anywhere.
– Debug API issues even while away from your terminal.
– Collaborate with your team by importing & exporting Postman collections, and by syncing with the Postman API.

– Powerful request editor provides a GUI for easily editing requests.
– Auto-formatted responses according to content-type, optimised for mobile.
– View detailed metrics for requests and responses, including size, duration, SSL and more.
– Native support for GraphQL requests – edit queries and variables directly, without having to go through the post body.
– Import & export collections from/to any document storage provider, like iCloud Drive, Dropbox and more.
– Supports authentication using Basic, OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0. Securely store auth credentials for frequent use.
– Save frequently-used variables in environments
– Web inspector to inspect requests made by browser
– Filter & query responses using XPath & JSONPath
– Support for Postman collections & environments, including sync with Postman accounts on the cloud

Note: Certain features require purchase of a one-time unlock within the app.


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