Homemade bread assistant

Homemade bread assistant for iOS ダウンロード

Homemade bread assistant for Android ダウンロード

Homemade bread assistant

Homemade bread assistantAn app for bread enthousiasts who bake their own bread.
This app is all about the basics, which can be challenging.
This app tells you the best way to make your homemade bread and also answers most questions you might have like:

– What's the best way to mix ingredients and knead?
– How long should I knead, prove and bake?
– I want a bread weighing 2 pounds, how much of each ingredient do I need?
– Which and how much fresh yeast should I use?
– I am used to instant yeast, but I want to make a sourdough bread, how much sourdough do I need instead of yeast?

– Knead, rise and bake timers
– A yeast converter
– A yeast to sourdough converter
– Tutorial videos
– Recipe makers
– And more


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