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Home Theater Ear CandyExperience the world’s first surround sound app-album!

NOTE: iOS 9 required for Apple TV 4 (see note at bottom of this page.)

Discover the full potential of your home theater's audio system as surround recording artist and guitarist Jeff Perrin takes you on a journey of guitar-centric soundscapes and instrumentals, each specifically arranged and produced for surround sound playback in the home theater environment.

A GROUNDBREAKING NEW MUSIC APP! “Home Theater Ear Candy" is the first true multichannel surround sound music and entertainment app in the Apple App Store. It is currently the only app to feature music presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.


– Over 45 minutes of room-enveloping surround sound music, including six full-length tracks inspired by the music of Led_Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Joe Satriani.

– Bonus tracks include demos and various musical surround experiments from the artist's production studio, "The Lab".

– Includes behind-the-scenes notes and production commentary.

– “Home Theater Speaker Check” track provides audio and visual feedback for testing Dolby Digital 5.1 playback and surround sound speaker configuration.

– Original artwork displays on TV screen during audio playback.

– Includes AirPlay multitasking capability — you can use other apps while surround tracks continue to stream.


"Crush" – Hard-hitting rock guitar riff composed in 360-degree quadraphonic sound! Introduction features a breathtaking 24-guitar orchestral arrangement in full surround production!

"Battle of Hoth" – Quirky, enigmatic two-part composition, inspired by the artist’s favorite Sci-Fi film of the 80’s. The first movement, “Imperial Scout" begins as a surround soundscape which sets you in the middle of a harsh blizzard, where you’re being hunted down by an alien intruder! The second movement, “Walkers on the Ground!,” features sub-sonic kick drum hits emulating the footsteps of an approaching mechanical giant. Better pick those drinks off the coffee table!

"Lighter Shade of Pink" – Laid-back, Pink Floyd-inspired composition featuring bluesy, overdriven guitar playing laden with lush reverb and delay effects designed to fully envelop the listener. The closing solo section puts the listener in between two lead melodies panned to opposite ends of the room, presenting the effect of two guitarists communicating to each other on distance hilltops!

Other titles include; "Rain" "Stomp", "Coming Home (Outro)", as well as multiple bonus tracks whose music is specifically designed to exploit the extra speaker channels of your home theater audio system!

System Requirements – PLEASE READ!

* Playback of Dolby Digital surround sound content requires an Apple TV connected to a Dolby Digital compatible home theater system with front and rear speakers.

UPDATE 02/16: While 'Home Theater Ear Candy' continues to work great on previous Apple TV models, the new Apple TV 4 appears to require iOS 9 for Airplay of Dolby surround tracks.


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