Hand Bearing Compass

Hand Bearing Compass for iOS ダウンロード

Hand Bearing Compass for Android ダウンロード

Hand Bearing Compass

Hand Bearing CompassUse your iPhone/iPod/iPad on its edge, as a Hand Bearing Compass.
Press the screen to take a sight.
After 3 sights, go to the chart table !

The Magnetic variation is calculated, depending of your position, using the WMM algorithm and data.

Notes :
To save battery life, position is refreshed with an accuracy of 1NM.
Bearings are displayed in Magnetic (M). You have to apply Magnetic
Variation to determine the True North (T).

References :
– WORLD MAGNETIC MODEL : http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/geomag/WMM/DoDWMM.shtml

– Moon Calculations : ELP2000 theory

– Jean Meeus. Astronomical Algorithms


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