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GoGraphically – Infographics

GoGraphically - InfographicsGoGraphically – Infographics allows you to create information graphics in a new way.
By selecting the different elements in the element navigator you can create easy and awesome looking graphics.

GoGraphically – Infographics support all kind of charts:
– bar charts,
– pie charts,
– line charts
– bubble charts
all of them can be easily edited with the build in spreadsheet.

GoGraphically support drawing for a more interactive elements in your projects.

This app was create for easy and simple use, but with a variety of customization possibilities.

One of the main technological features of our app, is the usage of vector graphics, that allows use to create hight resolution images, drawings and graphs.

You can use drag and drop or file selector to add SVGs (without CSS) and other Images formats to the editor.

All pages you create can be exported as JPG or PNG.

You can use all your files across multiple device via build in File management over iCloud drive.

GoGraphically allows to create data visualizations, information designs or information architectures.

GoGraphically – Infographics is pure native app, so all app functionalities are performant and can be used offline.


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