GemsFlow Diamond Painting

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GemsFlow Diamond Painting

GemsFlow Diamond PaintingGemsFlow is about all your diamond paintings in one place. Keep track of your masterpieces – see at a glance what paintings you have on hand, which paintings haven’t come in yet, and which ones you’re working on.

Moreover, the GemsFlow app is the perfect way to keep track of the diamond drills you have in stock. Using the app you can quickly check which colored drills are left from other projects in case you run short of a certain color on another picture.

Key features:
– Quick access to all the information about your diamond paintings.
– A wish list of diamond paintings you liked, to remember what you want to get and where you saw it.
– Comprehensive filtering options for projects.
– Project Time Tracker.
– Keep track of the diamond drills required for every project.
– Keep track of the diamond drills you have in stock.
– DMC / Aurora Borealis, Diamond Dotz color codes lookup table.
– Drill Types: Round, Square, Special, Crystal Round, Crystal Square, Crystal Special
– Supported Project’s Information: Name, Canvas Size, Cost, Drill type, Date, Project status, Notes, Rating, Used Colors.
– Create an account and have all your data securely stored in the cloud and automatically synchronized between all your devices.

You don’t need to buy a log paper book! Just get this app and you’re all set for your diamond paintings tracking!


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