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FluxBuilder Pro

FluxBuilder ProFluxBuilder is the Design tool that guides help you to preview and design the mobile app easily and super productivity. No desktops, design or mobile building skills needed. All you need is your iPad/iPhone and the FluxBuilder app.

1. Flexible Design and Easy to custom
Easy to control the design and user interaction by using our pre-made templates or creatively customize your ideal app with our Design Tool.

2. Simple Component Configuration
Configure banner images, search bar, categories and many more with detailed properties.

3. Build History
Fearless to lose your customizations, we have already included the save function for you. It means you could access your works on different devices.

4. Powerful Integrations
The app is compatible with top back-end platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and Opencart. It means you could effortlessly make your own app for your website on multiple purposes: a store, a news app or just a place to show your amazing works.

5. Informative News
Receive the latest news and tips from us on how to build your Mobile App effectively.

6. Dark / Light Mode
The app comes with a beautiful dark / light theme on both Builder and App Preview.

Be creative and explore the new way to build your Mobile app design with us today. Let go!


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