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EScatalogパナソニックの住宅・建築設備(太陽光・蓄電システム、住宅水廻り設備・建材、照明器具、電設資材、空調換気設備など)のカタログを、iPad、iPhone、iPod touchで快適に閲覧でき、端末に保存することもできるアプリです。カタログ内のキーワード検索機能、しおり機能、関連動画の表示、印刷、カタログページURLのメール送信など、便利な機能を満載。ぜひご活用ください!

This app is to view catalogs refer to building materials and equipments of Panasonic such as photovoltaic cells and storage batteries, kitchen and bathroom, lighting equipments, wiring products and communication equipments, air conditioning and ventilation equipments. You can search pages not only by index but also by thumbnails, bookmarks, and keywords. Each catalog can be saved to your iOS device. Some of the catalogs contain a concept video clip. You can also print pages and email page url.


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