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Cut and Blend

Cut and BlendCut and Blend

The Cut and Blend app let’s you easily cut people, animals and objects out of one picture and seamlessly add them to another in seconds. Quickly and easily create custom photo montages right from your phone!

The Cut and Blend app leverages advance Artificial Intelligence to quickly identify and highlight objects for cutting out without the manual work of highlighting an area with your finger on a small screen. This is one of the fastest and easiest photo editing apps you’ll ever use.

– Instantly remove the background from your photos by using the Artificial Intelligence detection technology.

– Paste your newly cropped images on top of any background picture you like. Paris, the beach, the mountains. Anything is possible.
– Manually select parts of the image you want to keep or erase to get photoshop quality design work in seconds.
– Select from a plethora of image enhancement features like image ratio, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature, Blur and image flip horizontal or vertical.
– Pick from a large assortment of advanced cropping tools like Keep / Erase, Colormask and image invert.
– Blend your cropped imaged into your background image by leverage 5 different Artificial Intelligence tools with various degrees of magnitude each: Fusion, Aura, Spirit, Tattoo, BlurEdges
– Use photos from your photo albums or even just copy and paste an image right from the web. When you copy a photo it will be instantly saved on your clipboard which seamlessly allows it to be placed as the background image.
– Seamlessly export your finished photo to your photo album, social media platform, or even right to text messages!
– Create fun and timely memes in seconds for your friends and social media feeds.
– Create fake and funny images that only photoshop experts used to be able to create all within a matter of minutes.
– Create that special prank photo for a friend’s birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party by adding some hilarity to it!


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