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Core Beacons

Core BeaconsCore Beacons is a free developer tool for iOS. Core Beacons lists the advertisements of Bluetooth LE devices in range, as provided to applications by the CoreBluetooth API. Core Beacons lets you explore your “Bluetooth environment”, and shows how your iOS device presents this environment to applications.

Core Beacons shows general CoreBluetooth information and, if advertised by a device, service and/or manufacturer specific data. Detailed parsing support is available for:
• ruuvi sensor tags:
• Format 3 (raw data v1)
• Format 4 (sensor data encoded in Eddystone-URL)
• Format 5 (raw data v2)
• Eddystone: UID, URL (incl. Physical Web) & TLM frame types
• mijia temperature & relative humidity sensor beacons (to the extent this protocol is documented)
• AltBeacon

Core Beacons may be of most use when working with “beacon“ type BLE devices.


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