Color Hints Mosaic

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Color Hints Mosaic

Color Hints MosaicColor Hints Mosaic creates a mosaic or pixelated version of a photograph. The mosaic you create can be shared with others, saved, or printed.

To create a mosaic, simply
– take or choose a photograph
– choose the shape, the number, and aspect ratio of the mosaic tiles
– select the Mosaic tab to see the results

Too many colors in the mosaic for your purposes? Just tap the “Limit” button and then adjust the slider to choose the number of colors that does suit your purposes. Or, use the Mosaic editor to choose exactly the colors you want.

Create mosaics to use for
– pixel quilt designs
– mosaic picture quilt designs
– tile patterns
– knitting patterns
– cross-stitch patterns
– beading
– minecraft art
– posterization
– student art

Want to share your mosaic? Share directly from Color Hints Mosaic via social media or Air Drop, save it to iBooks as a pattern, or send it to another App, like Color Hints or QuiltSandwich (from NNN Software).

Want a printed copy? Print your mosaic as poster as large as 6 feet (200cm) on a side. Or, print an annotated version of the mosaic complete with a table of colors, sorted by most common colors.


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